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What We Do

Eliminating Poverty & Advancing Equitable Communities

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What We Do


Since 1966 Tempe Community Action Agency (TCAA) has dedicated its resources to strengthening families and neighborhoods through initiatives that address the causes and effects of poverty.  We envision a society where every person has what they need to live a healthy, purposeful life. To get there, we’re eliminating poverty and advancing equitable communities.

We help individuals and families enhance their stability and security by providing highly responsive support that helps them meet their goals. Our core services focus on four primary areas of impact:

·         Food Security: Improving access to affordable, fresh, and nutritious food

·         Health and Well-being:  Promoting health, independence, and quality of life throughout the lifespan

·         Housing Stability: Helping individuals to attain or retain permanent housing

·         Economic Mobility: Lifting families and communities out of poverty


We assist participants on an individual basis based on their unique needs, goals, and wants. Furthermore, we work on community-wide solutions, including local planning and problem-solving through public-private partnerships. We educate our leaders and the public on human service issues, as well as promote social responsibility and volunteerism.

When individuals and families are held back from reaching their potential, our neighborhoods and cities suffer. By helping to lift economically vulnerable households in the East Valley out of poverty, we are strengthening entire communities.