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Economic Security


TCAA offers an array of career and financial coaching services that help low to moderate income individuals develop effective money habits and strengthen their financial status. With one in five Tempe residents experiencing poverty, the need has never been greater for workforce development activities that help individuals on their path towards meaningful employment and financial stability.

TCAA helps individuals and families to find and maintain better paying jobs, strengthen their finances, improve their housing security, and begin to build assets. The program gives priority to single parent households with children living in high poverty Tempe neighborhoods. Our primary goal is to help families to thrive rather than simply survive through a crisis period--and reduce the likelihood of recurring financial difficulties.

Our Financial Opportunity Center offers three types of services that, when bundled together, are more effective in improving economic self-sufficiency:  

  • Income supports, such as enrollment into SNAP or medical insurance, access to financial assistance for housing or utility emergency needs, food boxes, and transportation assistance
  • Employment assistance, including resume and job search development and job leads
  • Financial coaching including financial education, budgeting skills, and linkages to credit counseling and homebuyer education through our partners

Program orientations are offered on a weekly basis. Contact TCAA to learn more.

Financial Opportunity Center Information


By appointment, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM 

Tel: (480) 422-8922 ext. 5891


Area employers play a key role in providing stability and upward mobility for job seekers. TCAA partners with employers to meet their workforce needs. Our Financial Opportunity Center offers interviewing space and connections to job-ready individuals to help employers fill job vacancies.

  • Advertise Job Announcements
  • Pre-screening and candidate referral
  • Onsite interviewing space
  • Hiring events

For help with your recruitment needs, contact TCAA's Financial Opportunity Center Manager.

In partnership with LISC and TCAA, Mountain Park will be creating a Financial Opportunity Center for their employees

In partnership with LISC and Tempe Community Action Agency, Mountain Park will be creating a Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) for their employees to have access to in order to help ease any financial burdens employees face.

The cornerstone of the FOC model is providing these services in an integrated way—rather than as stand-alone services—and with a long-term commitment to helping individuals reach their goals.