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Community Gardens

TCAA supports two community gardens, Escalante and Clark Park, to build community through the production of high quality, organic fruits and vegetables.  Community gardens offer opportunities to teach our neighbors about sustainable gardening and healthy cooking. The formation of these gardens resulted from neighborhood-led efforts to increase access to fresh produce in areas identified by the USDA as food deserts. The gardens were designed with input and support from the respective neighborhoods as places where children can learn about nutrition and where food comes from, seniors can socialize together through gardening and cooking demonstrations, families can learn about healthy eating and gardening, and entire neighborhoods can have a place to gather and cultivate new relationships.


Join our Sun Produce Farm Bag subscription program! - CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Traditionally, a CSA is a mutually beneficial way for local farmers and community members to help one another. Participating CSA members benefit by receiving local, naturally produced, ad the freshest and most long-lasting produce. And the farm members receive consistent monetary support through community members' continued CSA subscriptions. They grow a calculated amount of food to meet the needs of the community. This in turn limits food waste and helps prevent the miscalculation of needed products. Sun Produce Co-Op's CSA / Farm Bag program promotes a greater food security for our state, helps keep our member farms farming, and even promotes a cleaner environment, since there are less food miles from the farm to your table!

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