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Community Resources

Below you can find information regarding Renter’s Assistance, Unemployment benefits information, and Community Legal Services.

You can also visit the following sites for more information:

Eviction Updates and Resources

Eviction Moratorium Extended

The CDC moratorium, extended to June 30, 2021, prevents landlords from enforcing eviction. The moratorium does not, however, prevent landlords from filing for an eviction judgment. It is important that all renters who are unable to pay their rent issue the CDC moratorium declaration to their landlords. See the Moratorium Summary for the process renters need to follow. 

Landlord COVID-19 Support Packet

The Coalition also partnered with the 2-1-1 team to create this packet of tools and resources for landlords who may be experiencing loss of rental income and need help navigating the options that are available to them during the pandemic.  This packet supplements the Landlord Toolkit for Responding to COVID-19 Impacted Tenants, which aids in landlord-tenant communications.

Eviction Prevention App

Renters who are struggling to make rent payments are encouraged to use the 2-1-1 Eviction Prevention App for Tenants to navigate their situation and next steps. This innovative app is available in English and Spanish.


The AZEvictionHelp website, published by the Arizona Bar Foundation, highlights agencies and programs that can help those facing eviction to navigate the legal system, find financial assistance, and match them with support services. It also provides information about the options and rights of tenants, no matter where they are in the eviction process.